The recent spell of hot weather has raised concerns over keeping small furries cool and there’s the ever present danger of flystrike too. We have put together some need to knows for our clients –

Flystrike is mainly caused by blue bottle and green bottle flies which are attracted to urine, faeces, or blood and lay their eggs which hatch into maggots within hours!! Rabbits with dirty bottoms due to digestive problems or which have wounds are most at risk.

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Lack of clean accommodation is also a factor. Flystrike is an emergency situation, often needing to sedate or anaesthetise the pet so that the maggots can be removed manually. Antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and pain relief may be required and intravenous fluids may be given to try and prevent the rabbit going into shock. The condition can be fatal!

It is much better to try and prevent flystrike from occurring:
* There are products that can be given in early summer to reduce the risk of fly strike by preventing fly eggs from developing – please ask for more details.
* Keep the hutch clean and remove soiled material daily in hot weather
* Food with added sugar, fruit, or excessive amounts of greens, may cause diarrhoea which attract flies and should be avoided
* Keep long hair around the back end trimmed and ensure the rabbit is clean and dry.
* Ensure your rabbit has regular health and weight checks so that mobility problems or obesity can be picked up early and treated.

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