With dog thefts making headline news these days, here are some tips for all owners –

– Do not leave your dog alone and tied up outside a shop or in a car.
– Make sure your dog is microchipped and they are wearing a collar with an identity tag. Don’t forget, this is a legal requirement. Many owners do not put the name of their dog on the tag, but their surname.

– Have plenty of photos of your dog from different angles to show distinct markings and photos of you with your pet to prove (should you need to) ownership.
– Make sure your garden is secure – maybe connect a bell to the gate so you can hear if someone enters.
– Be cautious of strangers stopping to ask you questions about your dog.
– Vary the times and routes of your walks so you are never predictable.
– Now we are allowed, it’s worthwhile walking with a friend.
– Practice recall – so you know if you let your dog off the lead you can guarantee their return on your command.
– Avoid adding tags of locations on social media.
– You can add GPS trackers to your dog collar – this can provide essential information about where your dog is.
– Instead of a clip to attach your dog’s collar to their lead – use a carabiner (as mountain climbers use) – these take longer to unclip.
– Don’t forget to take your phone with you.
– It’s worthwhile taking a personal alarm if you have one, or a whistle.

How sad to have to post this, but our dogs are our most treasured possessions

Burghley Vets Stamford