Did you know it is estimated that 45% of dogs show signs of fear when they hear fireworks ?

With Bonfire night closely approaching, we would like to help prepare you and offer our advice to keep your pets as safe and happy as possible.

We offer some hints and tips to help on the night.

1. Our first tip is to walk your dogs during daylight hours and avoid times where firewalks are likely to be set off.

Fireworks at Burghley Vet

2. Keep your windows and curtains closed and try and mask the noise of fireworks with your TV or Radios. BBC Classic radio plays music just for your pets on the 5th November.

3. Keep your cats indoors and provide comfortable, safe hiding places or dens around the home that pets can go to when feeling scared. This applies to dogs and also our small furry friends – provide them with plenty more hay.

4. Keep yourself as calm and relaxed as possible and act normal and ignore the fireworks. Play with your pets as you normally would and make sure they are not left alone in the house, as having familiar faces around will help them feel more relaxed.

5. We also offer Pheromone diffusers for both cats and dogs as well as other medication options to aid in keeping your pet feeling relaxed.

Please call us on ‪01780 762109‬ if you would like any further advice

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